Annual Reports

In 2016, AHRI continued supporting an industry that makes life better for people all over the world. Read the Annual Report here.

How do we make life better?

Through our globally recognized, industry respected certification program.

By advocating for legislative and regulatory solutions that help our member companies and their customers provide and enjoy affordable, energy efficient products and equipment.

By supporting and sustaining a strong, well-qualified workforce of technicians to ensure proper installation and maintenance of equipment.

By working continuously toward harmonized standards for HVACR products around the world, and offering the certification program as a solution to energy and environmental challenges.

By leading research on refrigerants and the environment.

By promoting our global industry as indispensable to the comfort, health, and safety of all people.

By bringing the industry together at the Annual and Spring Meetings to confront and address the most important issues facing us today.

2016 Annual Report

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