Unitary Small Equipment


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Related Standard

Related Standard 210/240
Standard 210/240 Scope
This standard applies to factory-made Unitary Air-conditioners and Unitary Air-source Heat Pumps with capacities less than 65,000 Btu/h as defined in Section 3 of this standard.



Section Scope
  • One piece or matched split system air conditioners and air source heat pumps with cooling capacities less than 65,000 BTU, ducted or non ducted.
  • Central forced air electric furnaces with or without cooling coils.
  • Condensing units for air conditioning applications with cooling capacities less than 65,000 BTU.
  • Evaporator coils with or without blowers intended for use as a part of a matched split system.

Included are air conditioners, air source heat pumps, condensing units, and coils, irrespective of their type of power source or type of refrigeration cycle.
Specifically excluded are products included in the scopes of other product sections of AHRI and room air conditioners and heat pumps of other product sections.