How to Become AHRI Certified As a Private Brand Marketer (PBM)

Please note that no claim or identification with AHRI certification programs shall be made until successful completion of qualification tests and receipt of fees, and only after notice of formal acceptance into the program has been received from AHRI.

Step 1: Certification Application Package.
A. AHRI sends Interest Letter to PBM:
  • Application for AHRI Certification (certification & billing contact form)
    The persons indicated on this form will be AHRI’s point of contact for ALL issues relating to certification agreements, test selections and reports, directory listings, certification sales volumes; and invoices relating to certification
  • Product-specific data submittal sheets and/or cross reference data sheets
    The information in this form will be used to identify the relationship between OEM and PBM models
  • Links to download AHRI Standards & Operation Manuals (General and Product-specific)
(if applicable)
  • Selection software programs (in lieu of paper catalog)
  • Federal regulation documents
B. AHRI receives completed documentation within 60 calendar days and sends confirmation.
Step 2: Processing Application Package.
A. AHRI sends PBM License Agreement to PBM, and Appendix C of the Participation & License Agreement for OEMs to the OEM
  • PBM Applicant and OEM sign and return the agreements to AHRI within 60 calendar days
B. AHRI sends License Fee of $3,500
Step 3: Acceptance into the program.
A. AHRI sends Welcome Letter and executed Agreements to the PBM applicant and OEM

B. Applicant’s data will be uploaded to the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance

For questions regarding the qualification process or to submit an application, contact