Rated Versus Certified
What is the difference between certified and rated?

Any manufacturer can claim they have followed the prescribed AHRI Standard rating methodology and claim the equipment has been “rated in accordance” with that standard. However, only those manufacturers that successfully participate in AHRI’s certification programs can claim that their qualifying products are “AHRI Certified™."

Look for the AHRI Certified mark on HVACR equipment and components or search for certified products listed in the Directory of Certified Product Performance.

Please Note:

In 2009, AHRI unveiled a new unified mark to identify heating, ventilation, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration products that have achieved third-party certification of their performance ratings.

The new mark will replace the ARI Performance Certified, GAMA Efficiency Rating Certified and I=B=R marks, but these changes will be made according to an implementation schedule that provides enough time to bring all certification programs into compliance with internationally recognized accreditations. HVACR equipment and components formerly bearing the ARI Performance Certified mark will be the first to use the new mark.