State Legislative Activity

State legislatures continue to play a critical role in the development of policy affecting the HVACR and water heating industry. The Government Relations staff at AHRI works year-round to engage on a multitude of state legislative topics, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, air quality and greenhouse gases, warranty changes, and building codes updates.

AHRI’s Government Relations staff works with the State Government Relations Committee to set legislative priorities at the state level each year that drive the association’s stance and strategy on state legislation. AHRI builds relationships with state officials, testifies before legislative committees, and collaborates with other industries, putting it at the forefront of policy deliberations in state capitols. We are committed to combining environmental stewardship with protecting the priorities of our members.

Our state level priorities for 2017, as identified by the SGAC, are the following:

  • Efficiency Standards/Programs
    • Ensuring that efficiency standards for HVACR and water heating equipment are uniform throughout the United States and do not conflict with federal requirements. Uniform standards help maintain a level playing field for businesses and keep our products affordable for consumers.
  • Safety Campaign on Proper Grounding
    • Supporting efforts to ensure that homeowners and home inspectors are made aware of the need to have properly grounded equipment when connecting gas sources to appliances.
  • Early Retirement Programs
    • Working with state legislators and other policy makers to support programs that would incentivize consumers to replace older, less efficient HVACR and water heating equipment with newer, more efficient equipment. More efficient equipment can lower energy costs for consumers and help reduce overall energy consumption.
  • Additional Priorities
    • In addition to working on the priorities outlined above, AHRI also works on other policies at the state level, such as:
      • Confidential Business information
      • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
      • Chemicals of Concern
      • Right to Repair
      • Workforce Development

For more information on AHRI's state advocacy efforts, please click here or contact AHRI Government Relations Staff. For more information on your state legislators, please visit our State Legislative Resources page.