State Legislative Priorities

AHRI’s State Government Affairs Committee combines professionals from every facet of the industry to ensure all of our members’ priorities are represented at the state level. We have identified the following as legislative and regulatory priorities for 2016:

Efficiency Standards
Ensure that efficiency standards for HVACR and water heating equipment are uniform throughout the United States and do not conflict with federal requirements.
Useful Thermal Energy
Explore opportunities to include AHRI member products and their technologies in states that incorporate “useful thermal energy” within their renewable portfolio standards.
Sales Tax Holidays on Energy Efficient Equipment
Pursue and support legislation exempting energy efficient HVACR and water heating equipment from state sales tax during “tax holiday” periods.
Confidential Business Information
Monitor legislative and regulatory efforts that require the gathering of members’ Confidential Business Information (CBI).
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Safeguard members’ products from unfair liability requirements in state and local EPR programs.
  • Ensure EPR programs involve all stakeholders in a product’s life cycle from manufacturer, to distributor, to installer, and end-user.
Chemicals of Concern
Monitor criteria used when creating “chemicals of concern” legislation.


For more information, please contact Garrett McGuire, Manager, State Government Affairs, at (703) 600-0312.