AHRI Publishes Harmonized Standard for Compressors and Compressor Units

June 21, 2012
Monica Cardenas, Communications Director
Direct: 703.600.0377

Arlington, Va. — The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) today announced the publication of standards 570 (I-P)-2012 and 571 (SI)-2012, Performance Rating of Positive Displacement Carbon Dioxide Refrigerant Compressors and Compressor Units, providing for the first time a rating method for compressors and compressor units that use CO2 as a refrigerant.

“The publication of these standards is the result of nearly six years of effort on the part of AHRI and our members,” said Stephen Yurek, AHRI’s President and CEO. “Prior to publication, there was no available method to rate compressors that use CO2 as a refrigerant,” he added.

These standards were developed by AHRI, in cooperation with the Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers (ASERCOM) and the China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association (CRAA), as a way to harmonize the rating conditions with CO2 standards under development in Europe and China. Their publication will allow manufacturers in China, Europe, and the United States to evaluate performance and efficiency of equipment under the same conditions, thereby ensuring consistency.

The standards are available free of charge on AHRI’s website.

AHRI expressed appreciation to several members whose work was invaluable to the effort: Peter Narreau and Herman Renz, Bitzer U.S. Inc.; Steve Holden, Carrier Corporation; John Galyen, Danfoss; and Rajan Rajendran, Emerson Climate Technologies. Other members of the AHRI Compressors and Condensing Units section include: Bristol Compressors International, Inc.; Danfoss Turbocor; Heat Transfer Products Group; Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration LLC; Hill PHOENIX; Hussmann Corporation; Johnson Controls, Inc.; KeepRite Refrigeration; Kysor/Warren; McQuay International; Panasonic Corporation of North America; RAE Corporation; Tecumseh Products Company; and Zero Zone, Inc.

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