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AHRI India is based in Mumbai, and is dedicated to setting HVACR equipment performance standards, supporting regulatory compliance, and fostering collaboration for a sustainable and efficient future. With a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence, AHRI serves as a trusted resource to manufacturers operating in India, by providing industry insights and supporting the growth and development of HVACR professionals and organizations around the world. AHRI regularly exhibits at trade shows and events in the region to further promote its standards and certification programs. 

Regulatory Compliance  

AHRI’s India office engages with the India Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and other regulators to establish AHRI certification programs as a path of compliance for BEE’s chiller labeling program. AHRI certified ratings are recognized by BEE and can be used to demonstrate compliance without additional testing. AHRI continues to work with the bureau to gain similar recognition for future BEE-regulated products.

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The AHRI India Office is located at Arch 11, Mahalaxmi Bridge, Jacob Circle, Mumbai 400011, Tel +9122 23009453 / 23001964.


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