Heat Pump Pool and Spa Heaters


Staff Contact: Lauren MacGowens

Related Standards

ANSI/AHRI 1160 (I-P)-2014 with Addendum 1: Performance Rating of Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Standard 1160 (I-P) Scope
This standard establishes definitions, classifications, test requirements, rating requirements, minimum data requirements for Published ratings, operating requirements, marking and nameplate data, and conformance conditions for heat pump pool heaters.

ANSI/AHRI Standard 1161 (SI), Performance Rating of Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Standard 1161 (SI) Scope
This standard establishes a single set of requirements for the testing and rating of cooling capacities and electric standby cooling capacities for mechanical transport refrigeration units employing forced-circulation air-coolers; whereby, equipment performance ratings can be compared from product to product.




Section Scope


Factory-made assembly containing the air moving device, compressor, and refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger using ambient air as the heat source. Heat pump pool heaters shall provide function of heating pool/spa water with controlled temperature, but may include functions of cooling water.