AHRI’s globally recognized and industry respected certification program helps you, as equipment and component manufacturers, sell more products, win bids, differentiate yourselves from competitors, and comply with government requirements.

When specifiers and other decision makers see that your equipment bears the AHRI Certified® mark, it will provide them with the assurance that your equipment will perform accurately and consistently, thus helping you win more bids.

Important Change: Certification Logo Transition Underway

On January 1, 2012, all I=B=R marks were replaced by the AHRI Certified mark. Manufacturers participating in the I=B=R programs must use the AHRI Certified mark, but they have the option of simultaneously using the I=B=R mark until January 1, 2014.

The GAMA Efficiency Rating Certified mark was replaced by the AHRI Certified mark on January 1, 2013, for commercial water heaters, residential water heaters, and direct heating equipment certification programs.

All former ARI Performance Certified marks have been replaced.