Air Conditioning and Heat Transfer Products


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Section Scopes

Heat transfer devices of the types generally used in mechanical air conditioning, as outlined in the subsection scopes following:

Air Heating and Cooling Coils Subsection:

Scope: Central system finned cooling and heating coils, air conditioning type, not a part of a matched split system as covered by the Unitary Small Equipment Section, and intended for field installation, and for central station air conditioning units used with but not including means for air circulation.

  • Standard steam.
  • Steam distributing tube type.
  • Hot water heating.
  • Standard water cooling and/or heating.
  • Cleanable tube water.
  • Volatile refrigerant cooling.
  • Liquids as specified from time to time by the subsection.

Wetted surface dehumidifiers, consisting of a suitable enclosure containing cooling coils, means for liquid spray over the cooling coils, and tank, but without means for air circulation provided as an integral part of the unit. The unit may include a recirculating water pump, eliminator plates, and inlet deflectors.

Central Station Air Handling Units Subsection:

Scope: Central station air handling units, motor driven fan type, for use with a remote or external source of cooling and for heating, and/or ventilating, consisting of a coil (where applicable), fan, and enclosure, not including units having direct expansion coils which are incorporated by the manufacturer in a matched split system air conditioner or as otherwise defined in the product scope definition of other AHRI product sections. (This subsection is responsible for all central station air handling units rated and sold separately.)

Room Fan Coil Units Subsection:

Scope: Room fan coil air conditioner units which are factory made assemblies providing the functions of circulation, cooling and heating,
and filtering of air, but which do not include the source of cooling or
heating. These devices are normally designed for free delivery of air
into a room, but may be applied with minimal ductwork having a static
resistance generally not exceeding l/4" of water. These devices may be
designed for furred in application, or with an enclosure for application
within the conditioned space. These devices are generally designed in
sizes of less than 1500 cfm air delivery.

> Related standard

Unit Ventilators Subsection:

Scope: Factory-made unit ventilators for all applications and
sizes. A unit ventilator is an institutional type assembly, equipped
with ventilation and return air dampers capable of introducing
ventilation air of at least 80% of rated standard air flow, while also
providing the functions of circulating or heating, heating or cooling
and filtering air.

The source of humidity control, heating or cooling supplementary to that
from ventilation air, may be remote of an integral part of the unit
itself. This equipment is designed for free delivery of air into a room
but may be applied with minimal duct work having a static resistance
normally not exceeding 0.50 inches water column. This equipment is
provided with air capacities of 3000 cfm or less.

Excluded are individual assemblies such as a cooling or heating section for separate use, and the following equipment:

  1. Room air-conditioners as defined in AHAM standard RAC-1.
  2. Room fan-coil and air induction units as defined in ARI standards 440 and 445.
  3. Packaged terminal air-conditioners and heat pumps as defined in ARI standard 310/380.
  4. Central-station air handling units as defined in ARI standard 430.

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