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AHRI actively participates in targeted global efforts regarding policy, product standards, and certification.

These efforts include tracking both current and proposed regulatory/legislative changes in the international landscape, interaction with foreign trade associations on priority policy issues, participation in trade shows, and meetings with foreign senior government officials to promote AHRI standards and certification programs. AHRI also serves as the Secretariat for the International Council of Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating Manufacturers Associations (ICARMHA).

What We Track and How

    Due to the global proliferation of minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) and the impact of those MEPS on AHRI member companies, AHRI created a service to provide business intelligence to AHRI members. Through IRIS, a members-only service, AHRI provides a list of web links leading to regulatory resources, typically government websites responsible for industry regulations, and a listing of government notices for proposed new regulations or amendments to current regulations. The listing of notices, typically originating from a WTO notification system, is country-specific, covering regulations such as minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), labeling requirements, test methods, enforcement, etc. AHRI’s IRIS is available here.

    Climate change and energy efficiency are two primary drivers for the constantly evolving regulatory landscape that affects AHRI members’ business operations around the world. In order to assist our members, AHRI provides background and updates on specific regulatory and legislative issues. Members may access this information by visiting the members-only portion of the website.

    The International Committee acts as an advisory Committee reporting to the Board of Directors. The Committee’s primary focus is to support the expansion of international opportunities for AHRI member companies by promoting the use of AHRI standards and certification programs and beneficial trade policies. The Committee also monitors and informs the Government Affairs Committee about policies and laws developed by governments or international bodies outside of North America that impact industry. To support the International Committee, AHRI has eight Regional Working Groups, currently covering the following geographic areas: Australia, Brazil, China, the European Union, India, Mexico, the Middle East, and Russia. The primary objective of the Working Groups, which are typically populated by 4-8 member company representatives, is to serve as an advisory group to AHRI’s International Committee, providing valuable insight and guidance to staff on standards, certification, and policy challenges.


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    International Events

    Please see our global events calendar here.

    Please email AHRI Staff below to request the addition of events or shows.


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