Unit Coolers
Certification Program

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Program Scope

This program applies to Production Models of Unit Coolers, as defined below, and meet the following criteria:

  • Use refrigerant R-717 for DX and/or liquid overfeed coils;
  • Aluminum fin material;
  • Single vertical coil;
  • Horizontal only air flow direction (the air flows to or from the inlet face of the coil from or to the fan inlet, with no change in direction); and
  • Axial fans only.

Forced-Circulation Free-Delivery Unit Coolers for Refrigeration (Unit Coolers):  A factory made assembly including means for forced air circulation and elements by which heat is transferred from air to refrigerant without any element external to the cooler imposing air resistance. These may also be referred to as Air Coolers, Cooling Units, Air Units or Evaporators. Unit Coolers utilize a Volatile Refrigerant fed by either direct expansion or liquid overfeed with ratings based on wet and/or dry conditions.

Certified Ratings

  • Rated Power, W or hp; and
  • Gross Total Cooling Effect, Btu/h.