AHRI Webinars

AHRI is committed to providing information and resources that keep our members and the HVACR and water heating community abreast of the very latest issues. Please click your topic of interest below to view video recordings and slide decks where available, and registration information for any upcoming events.


December 15: AHRI Decarbonization Webinar Series – California’s Approach to Decarbonization

December 13: Consultants and Engineers Beware! The Importance of Certification

October 6: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - The HFC Phasedown: Implementing the American Innovation & Manufacturing Act

August 25: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - HVACR Equipment Needed for the Safe Refrigerant Transition

July 22: Welcome to Lobbying: How to Establish Relationships with Your Elected Representatives and Make the Most of Your Federal and State Legislative Visits

July 21: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - Joint Types and A2L Refrigerants

July 12: GCC Market Access: Latest on HVACR Regulations, Compliance, and Product Qualification Requirements

June 23: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - Codes and Standards "Unlocked"

May 25: COVID and the HVACR Industry: Lessons, Challenges, Opportunities

May 18: U.S. and Global Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Economic Review and Forecast

May 12: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - A2L Refrigerants and Tactical Considerations for Firefighters

May 11: State Legislative Priorities Impacting the HVACR and Water Heating Industry

May 4: Federal Climate Initiatives: Plans, Impacts, Challenges

April 22: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - Servicing A2L Refrigerant Systems

April 20: How to Not Only Survive, but "Win" the Refrigeration Industry HFC Phasedown

April 15: Understanding the Downstream Impacts of the Amended Toxic Substances Control Act

April 8: Improving Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Spaces: Technologies, Codes, and Best Practices

March 24: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - Refrigerant Detection Systems 101

March 18: The Rees Scholarship Foundation: Shaping the Future Workplace

March 17: Hydrogen-Enriched Natural Gas for Heating Products

February 16: Improving Indoor Air Quality in Schools: How Contractors and Distributors Can Provide Expertise

January 13: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series – A2L Refrigerant Behavior in a Structure Fire


October 21: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - Refrigerant Ignition in Open Flame/Hot Surfaces: Has Anything Fundamentally Changed?

October 14: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - Predictive Tools for Refrigerant Behaviors

October 7: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - Understanding Refrigerant Sensors

September 30: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series - Commercial Refrigeration

September 24: Navigating Compliance at the Department of Energy

September 23: AHRI Refrigerant Webinar Series: -Air Conditioning Applications

September 18: Webinar on Advocacy at AHRI: Let AHRI’s New Online Call-to-Action Center Help You Weigh In with Congress and State Legislatures on Issues Affecting the HVACR and Water Heating Industry

July 16: The Role of Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Filtration in the Spread of COVID-19

June 17: 2020 AHRI Spring Webinar Series - System Efficiency

June 4: 2020 AHRI Spring Webinar Series - Safe Refrigerant Transition: Safety Standards & Codes

May 20: 2020 AHRI Spring Webinar Series - Clean Energy Future