The Best Industry Resources Available

AHRI is perhaps best known for our world-class standards and certification programs. However, we also compile valuable industry statistics that help our members better understand their position in the marketplace — and that help industry analysts determine the relative economic health of segments of our industry. Among the association’s online resources, you’ll also find a wealth of industry-leading statistics, legislative and regulatory information, and the latest industry initiatives and research.

Each month, participating AHRI member companies report their shipments to AHRI for a wide variety of products. From those data, monthly statistical reports are developed and used by members to determine market position and forecast industry trends. Shipment data for residential central air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters are released to the public. Click here to sign up AHRI’s monthly statistical release.

Ensuring National and Global Excellence

One of AHRI’s most vital functions is the development and harmonization of industry standards. AHRI has published more than 80 domestic and international standards and guidelines. In the United States, AHRI standards are the industry benchmark, and increasingly abroad, nations and trade associations are adopting or adapting AHRI standards under license.

The HVACR Knowledge Source

AHRI’s industry-driven research programs lay the groundwork for advances in developing new HVACR products, and in turn, new AHRI standards. AHRTI, the nonprofit research arm of AHRI, provides research results and analysis tools to improve the integration of HVACR technology into buildings, increase product energy efficiencies and enhance indoor comfort.

Extending Member Opportunities Worldwide

Our international mission is to create opportunities for AHRI members by working for globally harmonized standards, certification, and industry advocacy programs. AHRI’s international efforts are largely shaped by the challenges our members face abroad, from energy efficiency to global climate change and intellectual property rights.