AHRI standards and guidelines are used throughout the world. They stimulate innovation and creation and are the stepping stones to improving product performance.

Through the use of industry standards and voluntary participation in AHRI's certification programs, consumers can be assured manufacturers' performance claims are accurate and rated uniformly, enabling fair comparisons. AHRI provides access to its standards and guidelines, as well as information about how they are developed and advanced globally.

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Standards Meetings

Technical Committee on Sound Subcommittee (Standard 1140)
October 9, 2 P.M.
Contact: Ladan Bulookbashi

Wind Task Force (Proposed Standard 1310P)
October 12, 10 A.M.
Contact: Ladan Bulookbashi

Standard 1520P Working Group
October 15, 4:30 P.M.
Contact: Justin Prosser

Global Regional Standards Subcommittee
October 16-17, 8 A.M.
Contact: Justin Prosser

Fan Powered Chilled Water Terminal Engineering Committee (Proposed Standard 860P)
October 16, 4 P.M.
Contact: Kezhen Shen

Dehumidifiers Engineering Committee (Proposed Standard 920)
October 17, 10 A.M.
Contact: Ned Bent

Standard 1250 Working Group
October 18, 10 A.M.
Contact: Lauren MacGowens

Standard 885 Working Group
October 19, 3 P.M.
Contact: Kezhen Shen

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