Central Station Air-Handling Unit Supply Fans (AHU)


Program Scope

The certification program includes:

A Central Station Air-Handling Unit is factory-made encased assembly consisting of a fan or fans and other necessary equipment to perform one or more of the functions of circulating, cleaning, heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying and mixing of air. It shall not contain a source of cooling or heating other than gas or electric heat. The AHU shall have a maximum design external static pressure (ESP) greater than 1.0 in H2O [0.25 kPa]. While the ESP for a specific application may be less than 1.0 in H2O, any units generally capable of delivering greater than 1.0 in H2O ESP shall be considered to be an AHU. This certification program applies to supply fan ratings for plenum fans in a cabinet with a full face opening axial discharge, fan arrays in a cabinet, housed centrifugal fans, and axial fans. Units with plenum fans that are available exclusively with a top or bottom discharge are excluded from the certification program.

Certified Ratings

  • Fan Speed, rpm [rev/s]
  • Fan Electrical Power, kW [kW]
  • Brake Horsepower, bhp [W]*

*If rated according to AMCA Standard 207 Method

The rules and procedures for obtaining and maintaining certification are detailed in the Resources section above. The specific Standard listed above details the technical requirements for rating and publishing your product performance, the AHRI General Operations Manual (OM) details the program operational rules that are generic to all of AHRI’s certification programs and lastly, the Product-specific Operations Manual provides the operational rules that are specific to this program along with the required documents and fees. Please ensure that you are familiar with the latest rules and procedures for this program.