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The primary goals of the CEE Residential Central Air Conditioner and Air Source Heat Pump Initiative are to increase the adoption and proper installation of high-efficiency residential central air conditioning and air-source heat pumps. To achieve this goal, CEE has teamed with industry, efficiency program administrators, and energy-efficiency organizations nationwide to promote common specifications for systems and installation that offer greater efficiency.

CEE HVAC Directory

CEE's Residential Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Initiative promotes high-efficiency specifications and proper installation for central air conditioning and heat pumps. There are three tiers of efficiency levels for the initiative.

CEE launched its directory of energy-efficient residential and small commercial HVAC equipment in 2004. The directory catalogues thousands of HVAC systems that qualify for CEE's residential and commercial HVAC initiatives. Data can be sorted by a number of descriptors including CEE tier levels, manufacturer, model number, capacity, performance level, SEER, EER etc. All these systems are ENERGY STAR qualified.

Quality Installation Specification

Proper sizing and installation can have a significant impact on HVAC equipment efficiency; properly sized and installed equipment can reduce energy usage by as much as 35 percent. In fact, the potential energy loss due to improper sizing and poor installation can be even greater than the savings achieved by replacing inefficient equipment with a high-efficiency system.

To address this opportunity, CEE has adopted a specification of energy-efficient installation practices for residential and light commercial HVAC systems. This specification was recognized by ANSI in March 2007 and adopted by CEE in May 2007.

Efficiency Program Administrators Contact

For further information about CEE's Residential Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Initiative, contact John Taylor at 617-532-0944.