Ductless Equipment

More homeowners than ever before are aware of ductless air conditioning systems. That is because those who already have installed them are getting the word out about how economical and efficient they can be, among their many other benefits.

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They are called ductless because they use no ductwork or air distribution systems. And because of that, there are few places where the systems cannot be installed. In addition to homes, these systems have been placed in small and large offices, shops, motels and hotels, schools and universities, computer rooms, banks, hospitals, and laboratories, to name a few locations.

Ductless systems are made up of four components: The condensing unit, located outside the building; the indoor unit, or units, which can be wall or ceiling mounted; refrigerant lines, which connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit; and a hand-held wireless remote or wall monitor which controls the entire system.

Users receive a number of benefits from a ductless system, including:

  • easy installation,
  • easy maintenance,
  • quiet operation,
  • simple control, and
  • attractive and efficient design.

Ductless Equipment Features

Zone Control

Ductless Split Air-Conditioning Systems offer room-by-room or "zone" control, which minimizes over-cooling typical of central air-conditioning systems. Many school systems now use ductless systems to conserve energy during the summer when only staff members may be present. With the zone-control ability of the ductless system, only occupied rooms of the school are maintained at a comfort level, and cooling for the rest of the building is turned down or shut off. Churches use ductless systems for similar purposes, saving cooling of the sanctuary for worship days.

Zone-control is also used in businesses where special equipment, such as computers or telecommunications equipment, require colder temperatures than the surrounding rooms. A ductless system equipped with optional controls can cool a room even when outdoor temperatures reach far below freezing.

Space demands on modern business make it necessary for some companies to install modular and special-purpose offices within existing spaces. Ductless systems are perfect for these uses. The condensing unit can be placed outside the office and tubing and wiring can be run into the room. Inside, wall or ceiling units can distribute the cooled air with precision.

Ductless systems are the perfect solution for spot cooling - for example, in large structures like retail stores and supermarkets, where areas can be either too hot or too cold.

Since no ductwork or air distribution system is needed with a ductless system, there are few places where these systems cannot be installed. Systems have been placed in small and large offices, shops, motels and hotels, schools and universities, telephone equipment rooms, computer rooms, banks and currency exchanges, churches, hospitals and laboratories. In fact, ductless systems have been installed for both primary and back-up cooling all over the world.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Ductless systems are easy and quick to install. They can be operational within hours - perfect for a school or business where activities cannot be interrupted. All the contractor needs to do is set up the outdoor condenser coil and compressor, drill a small hole for the piping, hang the indoor fan coil units, connect the piping and power lines, install the wall controller, and the job is done! Manufacturers ensure that units are charged and tested at the factory so connections can be made quickly, and condensers are designed to be easily serviced.

Quiet Operation and Heating Too

Known for quiet operation because of unrestricted delivery of conditioned air, ductless systems are often used in libraries and businesses. In warm weather, ductless systems can be used for air conditioning only. Or, when the temperature outside drops, units are available which work as heat pumps to provide economical heating.

Simple Control

Wall-mounted thermostat or infrared remote control systems allow the user to select the required functions such as temperature and fan speed simply by pushing buttons. The user can even select a delayed start and stop time for unit operation, making it possible to have a unit switched on automatically before the homeowner arrives home from work. Personal comfort is the key with ductless.

Attractive and Efficient Design

Indoor units are lightweight and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any design scheme. Outdoor units are designed to be efficient and durable. Air is discharged quietly so people are undisturbed. Because outdoor units are small compared to typical systems, you don't have to sacrifice outdoor ground space or landscaping. Ductless systems allow the designer to consider the cooling patterns of a room in the same way that the lighting or utilitarian functions of the room are considered.


Because a ductless system requires only a small hole through a wall or ceiling to connect the outdoor unit with the wall unit, banks and other security-conscious users can be confident that there will be no side-open ducts to invite intruders.