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July 11, 2024

AHRI LATAM Staff to Participate in Climatization Forum During AC TechWeek

On July 17, AHRI LATAM Regional Manager Mario Maldonado will appear on a panel titled, “Forum on Climatization,” during the Mexican Association of Construction Installation Companies (AC)’s TechWeek event. Maldonado will be speaking with four other experts, including a representative from the U.S. Department of Commerce, to discuss the current status of the industry in Mexico and how it relates to commercial sales abroad.

They plan to cover several topics, including the refrigerant transition, Mexico’s role in the North American, European, and Asian markets, and how the country’s manufacturers should prepare for the future.TechWeek is free to attend, and will take place July 17-18 at the Courtyard by Mariott Mexico City Revolucion. Registration is available online here until July 16. Contact: Mario Maldonado.

AHRI Staff Members Participate in CONUEE NOM-011 Working Group Meeting

During the week of June 17, AHRI Senior Director of International Affairs Michael LaGiglia and AHRI LATAM Regional Manager Mario Maldonado participated in the fifth CONUEE working group (WG) meeting as part of revisions to Mexican NOM-011, which establishes the minimum energy performance standard (MEPS) for central, package, or split air conditioners.

During the most recent WG meeting, members discussed the current MEPS levels, testing, and labeling, with AHRI presenting AHRI Standard 210/240 (I-P), Performance Rating of Unitary Air-Conditioning and Air-Source Heat Pump Equipment as a reference for testing methods and minimum efficiency levels. AHRI has been involved in the revisions process since 2022, when it organized a member task force to assist in the harmonization efforts. Contact: Mario Maldonado.

AHRI LATAM Presents Webinar on Energy Efficiency in Mexican State Buildings

On June 6, AHRI LATAM Regional Manager Mario Maldonado, participated in a webinar hosted by Conuee Mexico, the country’s National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy. In addition to AHRI, the webinar featured representatives from various government agencies, bringing them together to discuss different options to address environmental concerns, reduce energy consumption, and meet international commitments. Maldonado presented AHRI’s role in promoting both energy efficiency and sustainability through its standards and certification programs. Contact: Mario Maldonado

AHRI LATAM Participates in CIARMX24 Expo

On June 5, AHRI LATAM Regional Director Mario Maldonado participated in a round table discussion titled, “Energy Efficiency in Refrigeration Facilities,” during the CIARMX24 Expo in México City. The goal of the discussion is to share the importance of energy efficiency in refrigeration facilities, which can be pursued through AHRI’s standards, certification programs and regulatory tools. Maldonado was invited to be part of the discussion by the Federation of Ibero-American Associations Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Contact: Mario Maldonado.

AHRI Staff Attends Midea Distributors MeetingA person standing in front of a large screen</p>
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From May 27-29, AHRI Senior Vice President of Global Affairs Henry Hwong and AHRI LATAM Regional Director Mario Maldonado attended the Midea Distributors Meeting in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. During the meeting, Maldonado gave a presentation outlining HVAC industry trends, recent regulations, and the importance of AHRI’s standards and certification programs. Contact: Mario Maldonado.

AHRI LATAM, ANCE Discuss Laboratory Accreditation Process

On May 3, AHRI LATAM staff and AHRI International Director Michael LaGiglia met with ANCE to discuss the approval process for that organization to begin AHRI product performance certification testing. ANCE is a Mexican nonprofit organization that was established in 1992 to provide product certification services for consumer and commercial products. With extensive experience in testing large equipment, ANCE has expressed interest in working with AHRI since the opening of the office in Mexico City.

During the meeting, AHRI and ANCE discussed the laboratory accreditation process and the importance of continued meetings to determine the next steps. Contact: Mario Maldonado

AHRI LATAM Sponsors, Participates in Expo FrioCalor

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The AHRI Latin America office was proud to co-sponsor and participate in the Expo FrioCalor, held May 7-9 in Santiago, Chile. In addition to exhibiting during the expo, AHRI LATAM Regional Director Mario Maldonado led an educational session about AHRI's certification programs and regulatory tracking resources.

The expo serves as an important opportunity for regional networking among manufacturers, business leaders, and HVACR professionals. This year’s event welcomed more than 100 exhibitors and 6,000 participants. Contact: Mario Maldonado 

AHRI LATAM to Participate in REFRICON Congress in Costa Rica 

AHRI LATAM Regional Manager Mario Maldonado will give a technical presentation May 11 during this year’s REFRICON Congress in San Jose, Costa Rica.

This will be the eighth edition of the REFRICON congress, and is being organized by Refrimundo. The meeting will focus on regulations, recent trends, new technologies, and efficiency within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, bringing together experts to discuss topics of interest in the local and regional markets. Contact: Mario Maldonado

AHRI LATAM to Co-Sponsor, Participate in International Expo Event

The AHRI Latin America office is proud to announce plans to co-sponsor and participate in the Expo FrioCalor, to be held May 7-9 in Santiago, Chile. During the expo, Mario Maldonado, AHRI LATAM Regional Manager, will lead an education session focused on the importance of AHRI’s certification programs and other regulatory tracking resources.

More information on the expo, and the link to free registration, is available here. In addition to employees of HVACR companies, representatives from the food, livestock, and construction industries, as well as students and HVACR technicians, are encouraged to attend. Contact: Mario Maldonado

AHRI LATAM Participates in ASHRAE Mexico City Board of Governors Meeting

Mexico Meeting

On February 28, AHRI LATAM Managing Director Luis Vázquez Gómez participated in the ASHRAE Mexico City Chapter Board of Governors meeting. The Board, of which Vázquez Gómez is a member, discussed several topics of interest, including promotion of AHRI standards and product certification and the ongoing efforts to harmonize AHRI and NOM Standards. Contact: Mario Maldonado.

Mexico Publishes Updated National Standard Following AHRI Advocacy

Earlier this year, three revised national standards were published in Mexico’s Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). Among them is NON-011-ENER, which establishes energy efficiency standards for central, packaging, or split air-conditioners. AHRI LATAM staff and members were heavily involved in revising that standard.

In 2022, AHRI established a working group made up of a members and AHRI LATAM staff to assist CONUEE, the Mexican energy efficiency regulator, with the harmonization efforts. The recently published revision is based on AHRI Standard 210/240, Performance Rating of Unitary Air Conditioning & Air-Source Heat Pump Equipment, meaning equipment that meets the AHRI standard does not need to undergo additional testing to meet Mexican energy efficiency standards. The full program of recent standards updates is available here. Contact: Mario Maldonado.

AHRI LATAM Participates in National Fire Protection Association Meeting

fire protection

On February 13, AHRI LATAM Director Luis Vazquez Gomez participated in a meeting with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

AHRI LATAM spoke on the challenges of balancing regulations, in terms of security and energy efficiency consumption, with the growing demands of the industrial and commercial market in Mexico.

The President and CEO of the NFPA, James Pauley, was present for the discussion. Contact: Mario Maldonado.

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