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May 18, 2023


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AHRI Members Return to Washington

More than two hundred AHRI members this week joined association staff and industry colleagues in Washington, D.C., for the 2023 Policy Symposium. The Symposium offered attendees insight from key government officials, reporters, and others about energy and environmental policy issues, after which three busloads of AHRI members headed to Capitol Hill to meet with their representatives on topics ranging from the refrigerant transition to Department of Energy regulations to PFAS, the Inflation Reduction Act, the debt ceiling, and more.

Rounding out the Symposium were meetings of the Sector Leadership Councils, now led by AHRI President and CEO Steve Yurek and COO John Lanier. 

What makes attending these events even more meaningful is the chance to connect with each other, introduce emerging business leaders, and build relationships that help further the industry’s interests.

If you are an AHRI member and missed this year’s event, please mark your calendars for May 20-22, 2024, and plan to join us next year.

Legislative and Regulatory


IEA Creates World Energy Employment Survey; AHRI Members Encouraged to Participate

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has created a survey for energy employers in clean technology sectors to complement its analysis of the most in-demand occupations and skills, the key obstacles to hiring, and wages across different geographies. The survey represents an opportunity for AHRI members to make their concerns regarding hiring, skilling, and qualifications known to governments and education providers. The anonymized results will be used in the upcoming second edition of the World Energy Employment report, where IEA will perform a deep dive on key clean energy technologies, including solar, wind, batteries, electric vehicles, heat pumps, and grids.

The survey will be open until the end of May. Individual responses will never be published - only aggregated data. Please direct any questions regarding the survey to IEA’s employment team at [email protected].

Standards and Certification

AHRI Standards Team to Host Reception at Upcoming ASHRAE Meeting in Tampa

AHRI members planning to attend the ASHRAE Summer Meeting in Tampa are invited to join their industry colleagues for an evening of appreciation for all those involved in AHRI standards development activities. The AHRI Standards Reception will be held Monday, June 26, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Florida Salon VI of the Tampa Marriott Water Street. Please register for this reception here.

Flow and Contaminant Control Product STC Initiates Project to Revise AHRI Standard 750

The Flow and Contaminant Control Product Standards Technical Committee (STC) has initiated a project to revise AHRI Standard 750, Performance Rating of Thermostatic Refrigerant Expansion Valves, and AHRI Standard 760, Performance Rating of Solenoid Valves for Use with Volatile Refrigerants. The STC will consolidate AHRI Standard 751 into 750 to create a joint unit SI/I-P document, and will do the same with AHRI Standards 760 and 761.

Multi-Sector SSC Opens Public Review for AHRI Standard 1310

The Multi-Sector Standards Subcommittee (SSC) invites the public and interested stakeholders to comment on the use of or interest in AHRI Standard 1310-2019, Wind Load Design of HVACR Equipment. The SSC invites input on whether the standard should be reaffirmed, revised, or withdrawn from publication. Comments will be accepted through July 4.

Industrial Refrigeration STC Opens Public Review of Multiple AHRI Standards

The Industrial Refrigeration Standards Technical Committee (STC) is inviting the public and interested stakeholders to comment on the use of, or interest in, the below standards. The STC requests input regarding whether the standard should be reaffirmed, revised, or withdrawn from publication.

  • AHRI Standard 450-2007 (SI/I-P), Performance Rating of Water-Cooled Refrigerant Condensers, Remote Type

  • AHRI Standard 460-2005 (SI/I-P), Performance Rating of Remote, Mechanical-Draft Air-Cooled Refrigerant Condensers

  • AHRI Standard 490-2011 (I-P), Performance Rating of Remote Mechanical-Draft Evaporatively-Cooled Refrigerant Condensers

  • AHRI Standard 491-2011 (SI), Performance Rating of Remote Mechanical-Draft Evaporatively-Cooled Refrigerant Condensers

Comments will be accepted through June 25.

AHRI Standards Open for Public Review and Comment

AHRI has issued a call for comments on the following standards:

Public Review/Deadline: May 28

  • AHRI Standard 880-2017 (R202x) (I-P), Performance Rating of Air Terminals

  • AHRI Standard 881-2017 (R202x) (SI), Performance Rating of Air Terminals

Public Review/Deadline: June 18

  • Proposed reaffirmation of AHRI Standard 275-2018 (SI/I-P), Application of Outdoor Unitary Equipment A-Weighted Sound Power Ratings

Public Review/Deadline: June 26

  • AHRI Standard 870-2016 (I-P), Performance Rating of Direct Geoexchange Heat Pumps

  • AHRI Standard 871-2016 (SI), Performance Rating of Direct Geoexchange Heat Pumps

Public Review/Deadline: July 4

  • (Open for comments on maintenance) AHRI Standard 1260-2017 (I-P), Performance Rating of Flue Gas Combustion Analyzers

  • (Open for comments on maintenance) AHRI Standard 1261-2017 (SI), Performance Rating of Flue Gas Combustion Analyzers

Please see more information regarding these standards here. To submit comments, email this form to [email protected].


LATM Seminar

AHRI Latin America Team Hosts Seminar in Mexico on AHRI Standard 210/240 Revisions

On May 2, AHRI’s Latin America team hosted a seminar at the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Mexico City – the country’s second largest public university – to discuss revisions to AHRI Standard 210/240, Performance Rating of Unitary Air Conditioning & Air-Source Heat Pump Equipment. The team also reviewed the implications of changing product regulations from EER to EER2 and SEER to SEER2 in terms of energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

Kuwait workshop

AHRI MENA Team Participates in Kuwait Energy Efficiency Workshop

AHRI’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) team co-organized and participated in a two-day workshop, May 15 and 16 in Kuwait, during which AHRI MENA Managing Director Nabil Shahin served as a lecturer. The workshop, Raising Energy Efficiency for HVAC Systems and Moving to SEER, was hosted by the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy and organized by the Energy Conservation Code for Building Technical Committee, chaired by the Deputy Assistant for Electric Network Distribution, Eng. Saad Alrasheedi, in conjunction with AHRI to establish the country's energy efficiency goals. The workshop was attended by representatives from the Public Authority of Industry, Kuwait University, Kuwait Institute of Science and Research, and the Public Authority of Environment.

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