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March 30, 2023


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Trade Associations Send Letter to Biden Supporting West Coast Port Labor Negotiations

On March 24, AHRI and more than 200 other state, local, and national trade associations sent a letter to President Biden urging the administration to continue working with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) to reach an agreement without disrupting port operations. The associations also asked for an immediate extension of the current contract to “provide assurance to the millions of businesses, workers, and consumers who rely on the West Coast ports,” as well as a commitment to remain at the negotiating table in good faith and agreement to not engage in any activity that could cause further port disruptions. The ILWU and PMA released a joint statement on June 14, 2022, stating that neither party is prepared to go on strike or enforce a lockout, and they agreed to seamlessly continue operations beyond the expiration of the contract on July 1, 2022.

Policy Symposium

Featured Session: The Administration’s Energy & Environment Agenda & The Business Community | 2023 AHRI Policy Symposium

Registration is now open for the 2023 AHRI Policy Symposium, to be held from May 15-17 in Washington, D.C. This meeting offers attendees a chance to delve into issues of importance to our industry, with regulatory and legislative panel sessions led by dynamic speakers.

Jesse Young

We are excited to welcome Jesse Young, senior advisor to U.S. Import-Export Bank Chair Reta Jo Lewis, who will join The Administration’s Energy & Environment Agenda & The Business Community panel. Young along with other current and former White House and Administration staff will discuss the impact of new energy and climate policies on business and manufacturing, and what we can expect in the next couple of years and perhaps beyond.

AHRI member company representatives, particularly those serving as senior executives, product engineers, and government relations, communications, and marketing professionals. This meeting is also the perfect opportunity to build relationships and to acquaint new and emerging leaders with critical industry issues.

This year’s meeting will take place at the Capital Hilton, 1001 16th Street NW. Just up the street from the White House, the historic Capital Hilton hotel features gracious hospitality and a thoughtful blend of refreshed, contemporary surroundings and modern conveniences. The deadline to book your room for the symposium is Friday, April 21. Please do not delay!

Learn more about this event and register here.

PS Webinar

Prepare for AHRI Policy Symposium Hill Visits by Joining this Webinar

On April 14, in advance of the Policy Symposium Capitol Hill visits, AHRI Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Samantha Slater will conduct the webinar, Welcome to Lobbying, to help you prepare for your May 16 visits with your members of Congress and build long-lasting relationships with your elected representatives. We recognize that this process can be daunting, and we are here to help you either strengthen your existing advocacy program or create a new one! Learn more and register here

2023 State Summit Save the Date

Register Today! | 2023 AHRI State Summit

Registration is available for this year’s AHRI State Summit, to be held April 25 and 26 in Albany, New York. Make plans to join us for this unique opportunity to communicate directly with key New York policymakers about the positive impact of our industry on jobs and the economy, health and safety, energy efficiency, and the climate.

Several engaging sessions are planned on topics ranging from plastics/packaging and EPR legislation to decarbonization, building code legislation, right-to-repair, PFAS, and more.

Attendees will benefit from:

  • Insight from top-line speakers

  • Presentations from key regulatory agencies, legislative offices, and environmental NGOs

  • Conversations with policymakers on high-priority issues

  • Updates on AHRI’s state legislative and regulatory activities

  • Opportunities to network with colleagues and conference participants

Learn more about this event and register here.

AHRI/Industry News


AHRI Welcomes New Members

AHRI is pleased to welcome Energy Wall, LLC as a Full Member in the Applied Sector, and Zhejiang Quhua Fluor-Chemistry Co., Ltd. as an Associate Member in the Refrigeration Sector.

Final Deadline for AHRI Membership Dues: March 31

On December 16, 2022, AHRI sent the official invoice email to O-Reps and Dues Billing Reps. Reminder emails, containing a secure link to the invoice, are sent every Wednesday to O-Reps, A-Reps, and Dues Billing Reps. Please be sure to submit payment by tomorrow's deadline or immediately request an extension from our staff to avoid termination.

Standards and Certification

AHRI Dehumidifiers STC Initiates Project to Revise Standard 920

AHRI’s Dehumidifiers Standards Technical Committee has initiated a project to revise AHRI Standard 920, Performance Rating of DX-Dedicated Outdoor Air System Units. The STC will revise the 2020 edition and consolidate AHRI Standard 921 into AHRI Standard 920 to create a joint-unit SI/I-P document. The standard will be proposed to be an American National Standard.

AHRI Standards Open for Public Review and Comment

AHRI has issued a call for comments on the following standards:

Public Review/Deadline: April 16

  • AHRI Standard 140-202x (I-P), Evaluation of Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment Test Stands

Public Review/Deadline: May 7

  • AHRI Standard 420-202x (I-P), Performance Rating of Forced-Circulation Free-Delivery Unit Coolers for Refrigeration

  • AHRI Standard 421-202x (SI), Performance Rating of Forced-Circulation Free-Delivery Unit Coolers for Refrigeration

Public Review/Deadline: May 8

  • BSR/AHRI Standard 810-202x (SI/I-P), Performance Rating of Automatic Commercial Ice-Makers

  • BSR/AHRI Standard 820-202x (SI/I-P), Performance Rating of Ice Storage Bins

Please see more information regarding these standards here. To submit comments, email this form to [email protected].


Hydrogen Heating

Virtual Conference on Hydrogen Blending to Be Held April 13-14

The Hydrogen Heating Network will host a virtual webinar April 13-14 focused on hydrogen blending. Participants can learn from leaders and experts from Germany, California, Denmark, Chicago, the Netherlands, and Canada on progress made to enable the blending of hydrogen and natural gas for use in homes and buildings. The webinar will take place both days 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EDT, and participants are invited to listen live and ask questions of the presenters. Those interested in participating can register here.

Global Operations


AHRI Launches Standards Subcommittee in the MENA Region

On March 21, AHRI’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) team launched the AHRI MENA Standards Subcommittee (SSC), the first-ever SSC outside of the United States. Members include the top local manufacturers and international partners representing the HVACR industry. The SSC will develop AHRI standards tailored specifically to the unique requirements of the MENA region to foster more effective communication with regulatory bodies and authorities. This historic development aims to provide a unified platform for industry players to express the manufacturers' voice in the region and tackle pressing issues such as minimum energy performance standards, environmental concerns, refrigerant transitions, and other industry specific matters.

The formation of the AHRI MENA SSC signifies a major step forward in AHRI's efforts to be a recognized global entity and to promote international collaboration and integration within the HVACR industry and with regulatory bodies. Learn more about AHRI MENA here.

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