License AHRI Directory Data

The AHRI Data Subscription Program allows qualified program participants to log into the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance to search and access records without the limitations of the public use site and permits the participant to use AHRI Data in their own tools per the terms of a signed data subscriber license agreement with AHRI.







AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance – Public Use Site

Login access to the Directory is not offered

Best for:

  • Homeowners who need to retrieve an AHRI Certified Reference Number and/or Certificate of Performance on a particular system

  • Infrequent consumers of AHRI Certified data

AHRI Data Subscription Program

Grants login access to the Directory

Best for:

  • Users who frequently conduct the same search query that typically yields over 250 results

  • Users desiring to incorporate AHRI data into their own database

  • Users conducting data analysis

Search for a product AHRI Certified Reference Number



Search for a product by Model Number



Download an AHRI Certificate of Performance for a product



Search for the set of AHRI Certified products meeting your search query (i.e. selected data filters)





Export the data set of AHRI Certified products meeting your search query into a .csv file

Limited to the first 250 records in the data set

Includes the complete data set

Create and save an unlimited number of search queries so you can run them and generate .csv exports as often as you’d like




Frequently Asked Questions

    All AHRI Certified products are available through the AHRI Data Subscription Program. We sell access in “packages,” and each package contains multiple product types. You may elect to purchase one, some, or all the packages.

    Refer to the Packages and Fees document to see available packages and the included product types.

    Refer to the Packages and Fees document for the latest pricing information.

    Your subscription includes Directory login access for two individuals. If you require access for additional users, for a fee you may designate up to four additional individuals.

    The AHRI Data Subscription Program contains the same data fields as shown in the free Directory and does not contain additional data fields. The benefit of the Subscription Program is that you can download ALL records instead of being limited to 250 records.

    API access is not available. We are aware of interest in this service and are considering it for future offering. We do not have a timeline yet.

    No, the AHRI Certificate generator only exists on the AHRI Directory site. Each downloaded certificate is unique with its own certificate number. Therefore, static copies of certificates should not be included in software applications or catalogs.

    As part of the program application process, AHRI will meet with you to discuss your intended usage of AHRI Data. Based on that discussion, AHRI will determine if you would be considered a commercial or non-commercial usage licensee.

    Most of our program participants fall under the commercial usage classification.

    Yes, AHRI will provide a copy of its AHRI Data Subscription Program License for your review. However, first submit Appendix A so AHRI can send you the agreement that applies to your particular usage scenario. You can submit a ticket to AHRI at [email protected] and attach Appendix A.

    Please note that AHRI is unable to accommodate custom modifications to the language and terms of its agreement.

    1. Download:
      Packages and Fees document
      Appendix A – Application
      Appendix B – Licensee Contact Information
      Appendix C – Subscription Elections
      Appendix D – Authorized Sublicensees (if applicable to your usage scenario)

      To request an early review of the License Agreement, submit, at minimum, Appendix A, to AHRI. Do this by submitting a ticket to [email protected].

    2. If you determine you want to proceed with your application, return your completed Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, and Appendix D (if applicable) to [email protected].
    3. AHRI will contact you to set up a brief web meeting to discuss your application and plans for using AHRI Data. If applicable, AHRI will request a quick demo of your application that will incorporate AHRI Data.
    4. After the meeting, AHRI will notify you if it has accepted your application and your usage classification (i.e. non-commercial or commercial).
    5. AHRI will send you the License Agreement to sign via Docusign. Upon receipt of your signature, AHRI will co-sign the agreement.
    6. AHRI will issue your Billing Contact an invoice to be paid NET-30.
    7. Upon receipt of payment, AHRI will contact your designated users with their account credentials and instructions for logging into the Directory system.