The Infrared Heater Safety Council (IRSC)

Heating Safely with Gas-fired Infared Heaters. Rely on IRSC for the most current, accurate information.

The Infrared Heater Safety Council (IRSC) was created by gas-fired, infrared heating equipment manufacturers, to enhance user safety through education of building inspectors, fire authorities and end users on safe practices. Infrared heating technology has a long history of safety and has been widely used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, fire stations, vehicle service facilities, and aircraft hangars. Like all gas burning products, infrared heaters have installation, operation and service procedures that must be followed to ensure safety.

What Is a Gas-fired, Infrared Heater?

There are several types of gas-fired, infrared heaters, such as ceramic heaters, tube heaters and patio heaters. These heaters use a burner containing gas combustion controls, a heat exchanger element and reflectors.

The Benefits: Clean, Quiet and Efficient Heating

There are many benefits to using gas-fired, infrared heaters. Just as the sun heats the earth, infrared heaters heat people and objects directly. Warmed objects in turn create a heat sink which allows for quick heat recovery and greater comfort at lower air temperatures. The result is proven lower fuel and electricity costs.

Unlike air heaters, infrared heaters do not blow dirt and dust, helping to provide quiet and clean comfort. They are easy to install as well as maintain; and with the many models on the market today, infrared heaters offer design flexibility to fit a variety of floor plans and building types.

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