Furnace Fans

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A furnace fan is an electrically-powered device used in residential buildings for the purposes of circulating air through duct work. A furnace fan consists of a fan motor and its controls, an impeller, and a housing, typically as an assembly incorporated in a residential central heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) product.



    Standard Level

    Residential furnace fans incorporated in the products listed in Table 1 and manufactured on and after July 3, 2019, shall have a fan energy rating (FER) value that meets or is less than the following standards:

    Table 1. Standards for Covered Residential Furnace Fans* Effective July 3, 2019

    Product Class

    FER** (Watts/1000 cfm)

    Non-Weatherized, Non-Condensing Gas Furnace Fan (NWG-NC)

    FER = 0.044 x QMax + 182

    Non-Weatherized, Condensing Gas Furnace Fan (NWG-C)

    FER = 0.044 x QMax + 195

    Weatherized Non-Condensing Gas Furnace Fan (WG-NC)

    FER = 0.044 x QMax + 199

    Non-Weatherized, Non-Condensing Oil Furnace Fan (NWO-NC)

    FER = 0.071 x QMax + 382

    Non-Weatherized Electric Furnace / Modular Blower Fan (NWEF/NWMB)

    FER = 0.044 x QMax + 165

    Mobile Home Non-Weatherized, Non-Condensing Gas Furnace Fan (MH-NWG-NC)

    FER = 0.071 x QMax + 222

    Mobile Home Non-Weatherized, Condensing Gas Furnace Fan (MH-NWG-C)

    FER = 0.071 x QMax + 240

    Mobile Home Electric Furnace / Modular Blower Fan (MH-EF/MB)

    FER = 0.044 x QMax + 101

    Mobile Home Non-Weatherized Oil Furnace Fan (MH-NWO)


    Mobile Home Weatherized Gas Furnace Fan (MH-WG)**


    * Furnace fans incorporated into hydronic air handlers, SDHV modular blowers, SDHV electric furnaces, and CAC/HP indoor units are not subject to the standards listed in this table.

    ** QMax is the airflow, in cfm, at the maximum airflow-control setting measured using the final DOE test procedure at 10 CFR part 430, subpart B, appendix AA.


    After a regulatory action has been completed, Executive Order 12866 requires agencies to identify the substantive changes between the draft submitted to Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) for review and the action subsequently announced, and to identify those changes made at the suggestions or recommendation of OIRA.

    OIRA Compare Document (coming soon)

    DOE published a final rule to establish test procedures for measuring the electrical consumption for electrically-powered devices used in weatherized and non-weatherized gas, oil and electric furnaces and modular blowers to circulate air through ductwork. This final rule establishes procedures that will take effect on February 3, 2014. These procedures will be mandatory for product testing to demonstrate compliance with future energy standards and for representations starting 180 days after publication.

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    To qualify a new product, contact an EPA-recognized Certification Body (CB) to have the product's performance certified. A list of EPA-recognized CBs, as well as an overview of EPA's third-party certification procedures, is available at Third-Party Certification. AHRI is an EPA-recognized CB. Email AHRICert_EnergyStar@ahrinet.org for more information.

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