Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling Equipment (RRRE)


Program Scope

This program applies to all production models of refrigerant recovery equipment, refrigerant recycling equipment, and refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment as defined below. The scope does not preclude equipment capable of refrigerant reclamation in a recycling certification mode.

  • Refrigerant Recovery Equipment. A piece of self-contained or system-dependent equipment capable of removing refrigerant, in any condition, from a system and storing it in an external container.
  • Refrigerant Recycling Equipment. A piece of self-contained equipment capable of reducing contaminants in used refrigerants by separating oil, removing non-condensables and reducing moisture, acidity, and particulate matter to the levels prescribed in Industry Recycling Guideline (IRG-2).
  • Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Equipment. A piece of self-contained equipment capable of refrigerant recovery and recycling functions as noted above.
  • System Dependent Equipment. Refrigerant recovery equipment which requires for its operation the assistance of components contained in an air-conditioning or refrigeration system.

Certified Ratings

The following certification program ratings are verified by test:

  • Push/Pull Liquid Recovery Rate (kg/min)
  • Liquid Recovery Rate (kg/min)
  • Vapor Recovery Rate (kg/min)
  • Final Recovery Vacuum Level (kPa)
  • Recycle Flow Rate (kg/min)
  • Moisture (PPM by wt.)
  • Acidity (PPM by wt.)
  • Non-Condensables (% by vol.)
  • High Temperature Vapor Recovery Rate (kg/min)
  • Residual Trapped Refrigerant (kg)
  • Quantity of Refrigerant Processed at Rated Conditions (kg)
  • High Boiling Residue (% by vol.)

The rules and procedures for obtaining and maintaining certification are detailed in the Resources section above. The specific Standard listed above details the technical requirements for rating and publishing your product performance, the AHRI General Operations Manual (OM) details the program operational rules that are generic to all of AHRI’s certification programs and lastly, the Product-specific Operations Manual provides the operational rules that are specific to this program along with the required documents and fees. Please ensure that you are familiar with the latest rules and procedures for this program.