AHRI Members at White House Meeting Discuss Heat Pump Technology and Availability Urge Action on Demand, Affordability, Workforce Issues

Date Published: April 04, 2023

Contact: Samantha Slater
Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

Arlington, Va. – At a meeting today with key climate officials at the White House, America’s heat pump and heat pump water heater manufacturers reiterated their support for positive climate action, while urging strong White House commitment to addressing consumer demand, affordability and stressing the need for the skilled workforce required for heat pump installation and maintenance.

“Our members welcomed this meeting today and they are looking forward to working with the White House to ensure a robust demand for energy efficient heat pumps and other innovative technologies, said Stephen Yurek, AHRI President & CEO. “Our members produce the most innovative, energy efficient equipment available anywhere in the world, but they need government assistance to educate consumers on the benefits of heat pump technology and to issue timely guidance on IRA tax credit and rebate programs to help make this technology affordable for everyone. “Furthermore,” he continued, “because of the sophisticated technology involved, heat pumps require highly skilled installers, so workforce development is another area with which government can be of assistance.” 

Even as they expressed overall support for White House climate action, the AHRI members in attendance at the meeting encouraged officials to bear in mind that while many climate zones in the U.S. are suited to a switch to today’s heat pump technology, in colder climates, today’s heat pumps can either be used as a sole heat source or be paired with a gas or oil furnace or boiler for the coldest days. For those areas of the country, manufacturers are working diligently to perfect what are known as “cold-climate” heat pumps, which could in the future replace hybrid heat pump/gas systems, and are partnering with the Department of Energy on research to that end.

Finally, as government officials grapple with equity issues, costs – both for equipment and for the energy that powers it – must be taken into account as government policies and incentives are discussed and implemented to ensure this technology is affordable for everyone.

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