Obtaining Donated Equipment

The Rees Scholarship Foundation facilitates the donation of HVACR equipment from AHRI member companies to schools and training facilities that are accredited and have a tax status that allows accepting charitable donations (of equipment).

To receive donated equipment at no charge, participants must agree to release the manufacturer, testing labs, and AHRI from liability. Since the program's launch in 2001, more than $3 million of equipment has been donated to hundreds of schools and training facilities.

If you are interested in receiving donated HVACR equipment, please fill out an online form. Keep in mind donations should only be used for academic purposes - solely for internal use and not for resale, re-marketing, distribution or transfer to any third party.

Equipment Donation Process:

Step 1: School & training facility submit the online equipment donation form

  • Only those who complete the online form can actively participate in the program
  • Allow 1-4 weeks to receive the first list of available equipment

Step 2: AHRI informs program participants of the available equipment

  • Participants must reply to AHRI by the indicated deadline; late replies will not be considered

Step 3: Program participants select their top equipment choices

  • Donations are made in the order in which they are received

  • Preference is given to participants who did not receive equipment within the calendar year

Step 4: AHRI awards and ships equipment to the selected participants

  • Shipment confirmation is sent to the main contact

The following companies participate in AHRI's Equipment Donation Program: