Guideline K: Containers for Recovered Non-flammable Fluorocarbon Refrigerants

Guideline Scope

Recovery, recycling, and reclamation of certain fluorocarbon refrigerants that are required to be recovered by EPA regulations can prevent unnecessary release of these compounds. For practical and safety reasons, there is a need for containers designed and identified specifically for these uses. Guideline K is intended to be used on a voluntary basis for supply, use, store, or transport of containers for recovered fluorocarbon refrigerants. Federal requirements are referenced as of the date of publication of this guideline. This guideline does not provide a complete list of all applicable federal requirements. Applicable federal, state, and local requirements should be reviewed.

This guideline applies to cylinders with a maximum service pressure of 400 psig and ton tanks with a maximum service pressure of 500 psig for the receipt, storage, and transportation of recovered fluorocarbon refrigerants. Where Guideline K mentions regulations that are mandated by the United States Federal Government, the reference to the Federal regulation is provided.


Guideline K does not apply to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) pressure vessels for on-site recovery and storage that are not U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) approved for transportation of fluorocarbon refrigerants.

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