Room Fan-Coils (RFC)


Program-specific Forms

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Program Scope

A Room Fan-Coil Unit is a factory-made assembly, consisting of a fan or fans in parallel, that provides air circulation caused by a difference in static pressure produced by an air-moving device, cooling or cooling and heating, and filtering of air, but does not include the source of cooling or heating, with the exception of electric heat. The fan coil unit generally has a maximum design external static pressure (ESP) less than or equal to 1.0 in H2O [0.25 kPa].

Certified Ratings

  • Total Cooling Capacity, Btu/h [W]
  • Sensible Cooling Capacity, Btu/h [W]
  • Power Input, Watts [W]
  • Airflow Rate, scfm [m3/s]

The rules and procedures for obtaining and maintaining certification are detailed in the Resources section above. The specific Standard listed above details the technical requirements for rating and publishing your product performance, the AHRI General Operations Manual (OM) details the program operational rules that are generic to all of AHRI’s certification programs and lastly, the Product-specific Operations Manual provides the operational rules that are specific to this program along with the required documents and fees. Please ensure that you are familiar with the latest rules and procedures for this program.