Unitary Air-Conditioner Equipment (includes Mixed-Matched Coils) (USAC)


Program Scope

This program applies to unitary air-conditioners, air-source unitary heat pumps, single packaged and split systems; and air-conditioning coils (and air-handling products with air-conditioning coils) and heat pump coils (and air-handling products with heat pump coils) that a coil-only manufacturer rates as a system with other manufacturer’s outdoor units that are rated below 65,000 Btu/h cooling.

Where a:

  • Unitary Air-Conditioner is one or more factory-made assemblies ordinarily including an evaporator or cooling coil(s), compressor(s), and condenser(s) and may include a heating function.
  • Air-Source Unitary Heat Pump is one or more factory-made assemblies ordinarily including an evaporator or cooling coil(s), compressors(s), condenser(s), and a heating function.
  • Single Packaged System is a system in which all components are integrated into one cabinet.
  • Split System is a system in which components are provided in separate assemblies but are designed to be used together.

Certified Ratings

The following ratings are certified by test:

Unitary Small Air-Conditioners

  • Air-Cooled under 65,000 Btu/h [19,033 W]
  1. Standard Rating Cooling Capacity, Btu/h [W]
  2. Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), Btu/(W·h)
  3. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), Btu/(W·h)

The rules and procedures for obtaining and maintaining certification are detailed in the Resources section above. The specific Standard listed above details the technical requirements for rating and publishing your product performance, the AHRI General Operations Manual (OM) details the program operational rules that are generic to all of AHRI’s certification programs and lastly, the Product-specific Operations Manual provides the operational rules that are specific to this program along with the required documents and fees. Please ensure that you are familiar with the latest rules and procedures for this program.