Brand Overview

AHRI is the world’s most trusted source of performance certified heating, cooling, ventilation, commercial refrigeration equipment and components.

The value of certification derives from marketplace recognition of the AHRI Certified® mark, which has been earned by more than 230 HVACR equipment and component manufacturers and appears on millions of products. The AHRI Certified® reputation is an important asset in the sale of every manufactured HVACR product.

While each product must exist in its own competitive marketplace, there is a common strength to be gained from favorable, ready recognition of the AHRI Certified® mark. This trusted mark stands behind each individual product by providing an assurance of performance to your customers.

Defining the AHRI Certified® Brand

The AHRI Certified® brand is much more than our mark — It’s a powerful symbol that represents both a manufacturer’s concern and regard for its customers and the environment. Whether this mark is on a product someone is buying or a product someone is selling, the feeling it instills is the same: peace of mind. When manufacturers and their customers alike think of the AHRI Certified® brand the characteristics that come to mind are performance, trust, independence and value. Understanding the brand's characteristics is an important first step in helping to convey its value to your customers.


With today’s high energy prices and the need to reduce peak electrical demand, certifying the performance of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and commercial refrigeration equipment is critical. Certifying that products perform to industry standards ultimately leads to energy savings, environmental improvement and enhanced quality of life. Without proof that a heating, air conditioning, ventilation or commercial refrigeration equipment or components has been AHRI Certified®, you don’t know what you are getting.


Across the globe, regulators increasingly depend on AHRI for accurate and unbiased evaluation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment. The association’s certification programs demonstrate to government, building owners and homeowners that equipment performance claims have been independently measured and verified, instilling consumer confidence and enabling fair product comparisons. To be certified, manufacturers’ products undergo testing by independent laboratories under contract to AHRI. Equipment and components are evaluated using the appropriate industry standard to certify that manufacturers’ published performance ratings are accurate.


As a not-for-profit organization, AHRI’s independence enhances the veracity of all evaluations and the value of the brands that have earned the AHRI Certified® mark. Equipment and components bearing the AHRI Certified® mark undergo rigorous independent testing by a third-party laboratory under contract to AHRI.

The SCC Accreditation Symbol is an official symbol of the Standards Council of Canada used under licence.

Accreditation No. 5-0582 — Scope available on

AHRI’s certification programs are accredited by Standards Council of Canada and Comite Francais d/accreditation (COFRAC) in accordance with ISO/IEC Standard 17065, which sets the general requirements for bodies operating product certification programs and is intended to ensure certification bodies act in a consistent and reliable manner.


The AHRI Certified® mark is globally recognized, providing added value to HVACR equipment and component manufacturers who voluntarily obtain certification for their products to differentiate them from their competitors. For equipment owners, specifiers and contractors, the AHRI Certified® mark is the added assurance that the equipment or component will performed as claimed.

This can help reduce decision-making time with all AHRI Certified® equipment and components listed in one online directory where products can be compared equally based on certified performance ratings. This online, real-time database allows you to search by product lines, certified ratings or manufacturer, to get the information you need, when you need it