How to Use this Directory

  1. Go to the homepage at
  2. Select the product category you wish to search for.
  3. On the equipment search screen, you will see a number of fields to be completed.

A definition of the search terms is available by clicking the ? next to the Search Term.

It is important to know that this directory search engine does not require data to be entered into all of the fields. In fact, entering data in multiple fields may unnecessarily limit the results.

For split system air-conditioning equipment, the easiest method for finding a matched system in the database is by entering its Certified Reference Number, formerly ARI Reference Number. The reference number is a unique number identifying a condenser and evaporator combination that has been certified by AHRI as properly matched system

The best person to obtain a Certified Reference Number for you is your installing contractor. Manufacturers and wholesalers provide the Certified Reference Number for their certified matched systems in their product catalogs. Many efficiency program administrators will require the Certified Reference Number to be submitted with the rebate application.

Entering Model Numbers

  • If you don’t have a Certified Reference Number, then you will need the outdoor and indoor unit model numbers. You do not need the equipment’s serial number.
  • To begin, enter the first few characters of the outdoor condensing unit or single package model number into this field. We suggest only typing in a few characters of the outdoor model numbers because manufacturers often change a letter or two in their model numbers from year to year and the database might not reflect those changes.
  • Once you have a list of possible matches, you should scroll through the results to find the system that has the exact condenser you installed and the exact evaporator you installed. If necessary, you can narrow the number of results by entering the first few characters of the evaporator coil you installed. If the model number string you are entering into the field does not match exactly with the string the manufacturer entered in the database, you will get zero results.
  • Limiting the characters you enter into the model number fields to the first three to five characters should help you find the system you are seeking.
  • Sometimes, the first few characters of the model number are variables and you may not find a match. This is rare, but if this does happen, you may wish to start over by searching for a string of 3 to 4 contiguous characters from the middle of the model number.

If you still don’t get the result you are looking for, you have three choices.

Option 1: Using Excel

  • You can select Download Query Results to Excel File.
  • Within Excel, you can easily sort the data and search to find specific information. The file will open in the Excel program
  • When the spreadsheet containing the data opens in Excel, highlight all the data by clicking in the box in the upper left corner to the left of “A” and above 1. This will select all of the text.
  • Next, click on Data, then under Data click on Filter and select AutoFilter. This will create a drop-down box at the top of each column. This box contains all the data in the column and allows you to filter the data that doesn’t match your criteria to quickly narrow your search. For example, if you know the Model Number, the manufacturer, and the SEER rating select them from the drop down box. This removes all model numbers, manufacturers, and SEER ratings that do not match your criteria — narrowing your search further

Option 2: Modify Search

You can also narrow your search within the directory by clicking on Modify Search to add one or more additional search criteria to create a search that returns fewer results.

Option 3: Next 20 Records

Or you can scroll through all the records by clicking on Next 20 Records until you find your match.

Printing a Certificate

Once you find the match you are looking for, start your search over and enter the Certified Reference Number and click search. Once the match is found, select that unit and then click on Print Preview. This will open the certificate in Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be printed for you to provide to your customer.