Frequently Asked Questions

When are the deadlines for the Rees Scholarship?

The deadlines are:

Application Deadline: October 1
Notification Date: December 1

Application Deadline: June 1
Notification Date: August 1

What is needed in order to apply for the Rees Scholarship?

Please click here for application and requirements. Below are our requirements for the general program.

  • Completed application form (Background questions, 500-word essay, and two recommendation letters)
  • Official transcripts (from high school, college, or university) sealed or provided directly by the school

Can I mail or fax my application materials?

The Rees Foundation has an updated application which is based entirely online. Please submit all application materials through our online form.

Please note that the foundation accepts electronic official transcripts. If the school is unable to submit an official electronic transcript, please have them send a sealed official transcript to us via traditional mail to the following address:

Clifford H. "Ted" Rees, Jr. Scholarship Foundation
2311 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22201
ATTN: Mike Golden

Can I provide a print out of my grades for the transcript?

The Rees Foundation requires an official and sealed transcript. A print out of grades, or an opened transcript from your school, will not qualify as an official transcript. Please call your school directly, and request that an official and sealed transcript be sent directly to the Rees Foundation.

Should the transcript be from high school or my current school?

If you have not completed any coursework at your current school, please send your high school transcript, in addition to your current’s schools transcript that will show you are enrolled in classes. If you have completed coursework, and your transcript will show grades, you may only send the transcript for your current school.

Where should my school mail the transcripts?

Clifford H. “Ted” Rees, Jr. Scholarship Foundation
2311 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22201
ATTN: Mike Golden

Who should write my recommendations?

We ask that recommendations be from someone who knows you in a professional context — former or current employers or teachers are good examples. Additionally, he or she should:

  • Type the recommendation on letterhead
  • Indicate why you should receive the Rees Scholarship
  • Indicate how they know you (for example, are they a former supervisor?)

Recommendations that are provided on forms, or for other purposes (for example, if the letter was written for a job or entrance into school), will not be accepted.

When will I hear whether or not I received a scholarship?

The Rees Foundation has two deadlines (October 1 and June 1). After these deadlines, the Rees Foundation meets and reviews applications.

Applicants and the school will be notified by email and mail of the decision within one month after the deadline.

What can Rees Scholarship Funds be applied to?

If awarded a Rees Scholarship, a check will be issued in the name of the student and the school. Funds can only be applied towards costs incurred at the school. The cost can be applied toward tuition and books. The funds can be used for tools and housing if these are costs billed through the school.

Rees funds can be applied to two semesters of school and cannot be applied to past semesters. Any unused scholarship money shall be returned to the Foundation.

What if I have been accepted to my school, but have not yet started?

The Rees Foundation requires enrollment in an accredited HVACR school. Please review our deadlines to see if you will be an enrolled student by the notification date, or if you would need to wait until the next deadline.

What if I have graduated since I applied?

The Rees Foundation offers funds to students currently enrolled. If you have graduated, we will be unable to offer you funds.

How do I redeem my free Ready to Work test?

Please email NATE a copy of your award letter at [email protected].