AHRI's Industry Awareness Campaign

Across America, people are safer, healthier, more comfortable, and more productive — at less cost — than at any other time in our nation’s history. We as an industry are proud of what we do. Our congressional awareness campaign will inform our elected leaders about our contributions.

  • AHRI’s certification program sets the standard for industry excellence.
  • AHRI certified products help buildings win coveted LEED certification.
  • AHRI certifies products for ENERGY STAR.
  • Most air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and water heating units meet AHRI’s tough performance standards, and are AHRI Certified®.
  • A hot shower can increase your body’s oxytocin levels, ease anxiety, and relieve stress.
  • When it’s warm outside, cool schools help kids learn.
  • AHRI performs more than 2,500 tests on new products every year.
  • AHRI has established more than 100 industry standards.
  • AHRI-member companies stopped using ozone-depleting refrigerants well in advance of federal and international deadlines.
  • Our industry employs more than 1.2 million Americans across all 50 states.  
  • Our industry contributes $5 billion a year in income to the U.S. economy.
  • Thanks to air-conditioning, heat-related deaths at home have fallen 80 percent since 1960, saving an estimated 3,000 lives.
  • Commercial refrigeration keeps food from around the world fresh and available in grocery stores and restaurants.
  • The latest boiler and piping technologies keep families warm and businesses productive throughout the year, even in cold climates. 

Campaign materials are available here.